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Latest News and product updates

Multi-Tech announces next generation development platform.

  • Multi-Tech announces next generation Cellular Development Platform
  • The HSPA (3G) models of the Multi-Tech MultiModem® rCell intelligent wireless router, MultiModem iCell intelligent cellular modem and SocketModem® iCell intelligent embedded cellular modem are now approved on Rogers and Telus networks in Canada. In addition, the SocketModem iCell (HSPA model) is now approved on the Telstra network in Australia.
  • Cellular Modems and Wireless Routers now available for use on Aeris Communications Networks 

New Resources

  • Wireless Technology Guide- an introduction to machine-to-machine communications
  • New Video - View this Hardware Overview of the Cellular Development Platform
  • Whitepaper The Cellular Development Platform: The Shortest Path from Possibility to Production.  Discover which path is best for enabling your M2M communications application. Should you build a custom solution, buy an existing solution or partner with a solution provider? The decision can have a great impact on an organization's cost structure and time to market. This whitepaper explores these options and presents the Cellular Development Platform as the most cost-effective, shortest path solution. Click here to receive your free whitepaper.

MultiTech Ships Revolutionary IoT Platform

Intelligent and Programmable IoT Gateway MultiConnect® Conduit™; the First IoT Online Application Store DeviceHQ™; Long Range LoRaWAN Ready Modules MultiConnect® mDot™ and Gateway Accessory Cards, MultiConnect® mCard™ – Now Available Press Release

May 04, 2015


Boston, MA – May 4, 2015Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. a leading global manufacturer of M2M and IoT devices today announced the availability of its IoT platform, including MultiConnect Conduit; DeviceHQ; MultiConnect mDots and MultiConnect mCards.

“MultiTech’s evolution into the IoT space presents a huge market opportunity and is a significant differentiator for the company,” said MultiTech CEO Stefan Lindvall.  “The release of these revolutionary products will generate new demand, accelerate growth, and expand MultiTech’s share of the M2M market.”

MultiConnect Conduit is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable communications gateway and is ideal for numerous market segments including, Agricultural, Industrial, Smart Cities, and Medical.   Quick to deploy and easy to use, the Conduit gateway has the ability to manage thousands of MultiConnect mDot™ long range RF modules and other sensors and transmit their data over any cellular network to a customer's preferred data management platform.  mDots are inexpensive radios using the new Semtech LoRaWAN™, low power, wide area RF modulation.  mDots bring intelligence and reduced complexity to the very edge of the network by running ARM® mbed™ platform on a low power ARM® Cortex®-M series processor.

“The mDot is the first ARM mbed-enabled sub-GHz ISM module product that is certified and fully deployable,” said Zach Shelby, vice president of marketing for ARM’s IoT business. “The addition of this long range, low power RF module will allow the ARM mbed ecosystem to decrease the cost and development time for developers that are building connected applications for smart cities.”

Both IBM’s Node-RED, a graphical, drag and drop interface and mLinux™ Open Embedded/Yocto 1.6 are supported to provide IT professionals, integrators and developers alike, their choice of development environments. Opening the complex world of IoT application development to a wider user group to monitor and control assets, utilize the distributed intelligence available in the Conduit gateway to provide analytics on incoming data and provide more actionable outgoing data.

The Conduit features two accessory cards slots that enable users to plug in MultiConnect® mCard™ accessory cards supporting their preferred wired or wireless interface to connect a wide range of assets locally to the gateway. Available options include a LoRaWAN mCard capable of supporting thousands of MultiConnect mDot long range LoRaWAN modules connected to remote sensors or appliances. Backhaul options include Ethernet or carrier approved and certified 4G-LTE, 3G and 2G options.

"These exciting new products from MultiTech effectively demonstrate how small amounts of data can be economically collected over a wide area to form the basis for new IoT solutions, as valuable additions to existing network infrastructures," said Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO of specialist M2M/IoT market analyst Beecham Research.

DeviceHQ is the M2M industry’s first IoT online application store to enable customers to easily deploy and scale pre-developed applications on to their Conduit gateway and connect, monitor and control numerous asset types. DeviceHQ allows customers to literally create and manage applications for in-field products through easy to use, drag-and-drop tools. 

MultiConnect Conduit gateways and MultiConnect mCard accessory cards are now shipping.  Certified engineering samples are available for the MultiConnect mDot with general availability expected within 6-8 weeks. 


MultiTech Announces its new 4G LTE SocketModem Cell

AT&T Approved and Certified for Deployment Across Europe Press Release

March 02, 2015


Barcelona, SPAIN – March 2, 2015 Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. a leading global manufacturer of M2M and IoT devices, today announced that its award winning SocketModem® Cell cellular modem is now available with 4G LTE functionality.   

The new SocketModem Cell 4G LTE is PTCRB certified and approved by AT&T as a network ready-to-integrate end device (MTSMC-LAT1) with support for LTE bands 2, 4, 5 & 17 and fallback to 3G HSPA+.  A certified European model (MTSMC-LEU1) supports LTE bands 3, 7 & 20 with fallback to HSPA+ / GPRS providing always on connectivity across most every European carrier.  Network approval testing for Verizon Wireless (MTSMC-LVW2) 4G is in process, supporting LTE bands 4 & 13, and engineering samples are available upon request. 

“We are pleased to announce yet another launch of a 4G LTE product,” said Daniel Quant, VP of Product Management at MultiTech. “Getting carrier approvals can be costly and time consuming.  By introducing AT&T approval for the SocketModem Cell 4G LTE, MultiTech eliminates this challenge, providing a low impact, quick switch for customers.”

The SocketModem Cell is a complete, ready-to-integrate high availability embedded device offering 2G, 3G, Analog, Wi-Fi, GSM, CDMA and now 4G LTE functionality. These quick-to-market communications devices allow developers to add wireless communication to products with a minimum of development time and expense. The SocketModem Cell modems are based on industry-standard open interfaces and use MultiTech’s Universal Socket design.

Customers upgrading to 4G LTE do so seamlessly while realizing significant performance benefits.  Mission critical applications can be connected more frequently with a better signal in more places, making it ideal for industries such as the medical market, where down time is not an option.  Additional benefits include faster data connectivity and throughput speeds as well as a longer lifespan for the product. 



MultiTech Introduces the MultiConnect rCell 500, its newest 3G/4G-LTE, WiFi Broadband Enterprise Router for Europe, Middle East & Africa

March 02, 2015


Barcelona, SPAIN –March 2, 2015 Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. a leading global manufacturer of M2M and IoT devices, today announced the release of its new high-availability 3G/4G-LTE broadband enterprise router, the MultiConnect® rCell 500 series for the European, Middle East and African markets.

To address the demanding and mission critical needs of distributed enterprises, industry, retail and remote locations, the MultiConnect rCell 500 ensures ‘always-on’ connectivity with a dual-SIM capability to assure best signal quality vs cost.  Network fail-over from wired Ethernet to 4G-LTE (with fallback to Dual Carrier HSPA+ and EDGE/GPRS) ensures high availability, uninterrupted network uptime and business continuity at all times in more locations. A high density WiFi Access Point, able to support up to 128 concurrent users, is ideal for retail and remote sites (and Serial RS232/485 with Modbus) to connect industrial assets and legacy appliances.

“The new MultiConnect rCell 500 series provides the security, scalability and redundancy needed to assure business applications are always connected,” said VP of Product Management, Daniel Quant. “This unique enterprise router reinforces MultiTech’s commitment toward making communications secure, simple and reliable for all our customers, despite the challenges within their geographic locations.”