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MultiModem ZPX

Internal modems


  • V.92/56K download speeds
  • Built in processor for enhanced performance
  • Global approvals

The MultiModem® ZPX V.92 internal modem is the ideal choice for small- to medium-sized businesses that are looking for a remote device management solution. Whether your application need is out-of-band management, troubleshooting or sending updates to a remote management server, the MultiModem ZPX internal modem provides higher speeds and reduces transfer times. It includes a built-in processor to enhance performance and data throughput. It is approved for use in many countries around the world. This means one model can ship virtually anywhere.

Family Features

  • Easy installation and reliability not found in Windows modems
  • Built-in processor does the work, so your computer doesn't have to
  • Industry-standard error correction and data compression
  • Remote configuration for centralized setup and management
  • V.92/56K download speeds and 48K upload speeds when connecting with V.92 servers
  • Class 1.0 and Class 2.1 faxing at speeds to V.34/33.6K bps (Super G3)
  • V.44 compression improves data throughput rates
  • Voice support for voice mail and full duplex speakerphone (voice models only)
  • Globally approved for use in many countries worldwide
  • PCI Express, Universal PCI or ISA models
  • Telco adapters available for country localization
  • U.S. Caller ID reporting
  • Flash memory for easy updates
  • Two-year warranty

Ordering Information

Product Description Region
MT9234ZPX-PCIE V.92 Voice/Data/Fax World Modem
! MT9234ZPX-PCIE PCI Express  Global
MT9234ZPX-PCIE-NV V.92 Data/Fax World Modem
! MT9234ZPX-PCIE-NV PCI Express   Global
MT9234ZPX-UPCI V.92 Voice/Data/Fax World Modem
! MT9234ZPX-UPCI 3.3V/5V Universal PCI  Global
MT9234ZPX-UPCI-NV V.92 Data/Fax World Modem
! MT9234ZPX-UPCI-NV 3.3V/5V Universal PCI  Global
MT5634ZPX-V92 V.92 Data/Fax World Modem (ISA)
! MT5634ZPX-V92 ISA-Bus  Global


Product Data Sheets

Multimodem ZPX