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Sim Cards

Connecting Your World

  • Data Enabled Sim Cards
  • One Contract - 12 Months
  • Dynamic Data Allocation
  • Vodafone & Orange

Airtime products aimed at meeting the needs of the data market.

Data Enabled SIM Cards
The machine to machine (M2M) or Data market is currently served by voice SIMs that have been data enabled, sometimes through a ’grey’ un-franchised route. Since this is a force fit in terms of both route and product it creates issues, increased cost and poor service.

  • SIMs being shipped but not activated
  • SIMs being enabled for WAP not WEB
  • Fixed IPs not an option
  • Costs being incurred but no detailed billing available
  • No real-time information about usage
  • Longer term Tariff issues
  • No technical support
  • No contractual responsibility

The difference between GPRS and GSM is like the difference between having a direct dial up between two pieces of equipment and connecting over the internet.
A direct dial up commits resources to connecting each unit from its remote location to the back office. The resources could be as simple as the copper cable connecting the modem to the exchange, the capacity in the exchanges and then the copper cable back out to the office. These resources are committed to that call for as long as they are required.
With GPRS the remote unit is connected but does not claim any resources until some data is sent. The information that needs to be sent is divided into data packets. Each data packet is given an address then ’posted’ into the network. Each data packet finds its own route through the network, which could be around the world and back. Once at the end destination the data packets are then reassembled into the original message. This means that no resources are committed making the network much more efficient and capable of handling for more traffic than would be the case in a traditional system.

Dynamic Data Allocation
Alpine Technology Ltd allows you to manage your estate as a whole entity. You have a contracted data usage for the whole estate, not on each particular SIM.
This gives you the flexibility to cope with changing demand on your units without having to negotiate the tariff for each individually. It also means you will not be penalized for heavy usage on one particular SIM, as long as the estate as a whole stays under the total limit. In addition, it gives you the ability to have a fixed supply cost while differentiating the sell price of your service offering.